Storm Damage


Why You Need an Arborist When Dealing with Storm Damage to Trees?

A storm can be a tree’s worst enemy. Strong winds mixed with heavy rain have the ability to push and pull trees to their breaking point. This can cause a wide range of problems. If a storm has caused damage on your property, we recommend taking the following steps:

  • Evaluate the Storm Damage

After a storm hits, it is important to assess the damage before beginning the cleanup process. Evaluate the condition of the area, including the trees and structures. Trees don’t discriminate and may land on vehicles or structures. They can also intermingle with power lines, meaning that contacting the power company is something you should do as soon as possible.

  • Clean with Caution

Once you have evaluated the damage, you can start to clean up the area. However, for your safety and the safety of your property, it is best to only clean up minor debris from the damaged trees. Trees that are severely damaged, leaning, or falling should be handled by tree care professionals.

  • Contact an Arborist

Working with Sequoia tree services following a storm is a great way to manage damage to the trees on your property. Our expert arborists are able to offer advice for tree care following the destruction. When a storm causes a limb to be ripped from a tree, a large wound is created. In order for the tree to recover, proper pruning is required which allows the tree to best defend itself and adapt to its new conditions. An arborist can also help with the prevention of diseases while your trees are recovering.

  • Prevent Future Damage

Not only can an arborist help with the damage caused by a storm, but they can also provide advice for minimizing damage in the future. With a thorough inspection of your trees, an arborist my recommend prevention measures such as proper pruning, fertilization, or possibly complete removal. Should you find that you are dealing with storm damage, or if you want to learn how to minimize it, contact us for more information.